Why does the world need a rEvolution?

fwdrEvolution is here to change the way that work works for everyone. We provide professional education & certifications, reskilling & upskilling, holistic life support, and career path choices for those impacted by the feminine and diversity recession.

Money + Choices = Power.

Ready to take control of your life? We have custom-crafted a platform where you can create the kind of work schedule that you want, get exclusive resources for your child’s education, and stay at the top of the market in your specialty. We are not afraid, we were born for this.

Become a Revolutionary

Are you or your company advocates for equality and diversity?  The diversity recession needs your support, in so very many ways. @rEvolution is accepting sponsors and partners for a limited time. From education to service providers and those ready to make a change, let’s find the right role for you.

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No one is pretending that the pandemic was easy. But caregivers carried the extraordinary burden of balancing more than was humanly possible. We built the rEvolution to care for them mentally, emotionally, socially, professionally and to care for their families, too.

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A mother-owned business, empowering other parents to create lives that allow for their families to thrive.

Out of Careers for Motherhood _ @rEvolution
When the world is in constant flux you need to be able to flex with it.
True equality means having the same options and choices that others do. It\'s worth fighting for.
You deserve to chose when and how you work.
You can't innovate when everyone in your company looks and thinks like you.
Life work balance means that you get to decide what works for you. Identify your boundaries & let\'s hold space for them together.
It will take all of our voices to change the world. What can you bring to the rEvolution?

Why do we need to change the way work works?

Oh, let us count the ways. Working mothers, parents, caregivers, LGBTQAI+, black and brown professionals and team members are having to opt-out of work completely or have lost their jobs due to the feminine (she-cession) recession. We would put a number of lost jobs on the site, but it changes every day.