Are you in the mood to be part of a rEvolution?!?

Are you someone who has been affected by The Shecession?

You’re not alone. We have all lost our jobs, career status, and damn near lost our minds to The Shecession. Marie Hale, CEO and visionary talks with feminist leaders in all sectors about the atrocity of it all and how we are going to bail out 7 million burned-out moms. Hold onto your pearls because Marie is asking the tough questions: Who’s to blame for this? And what are we gonna wear?!

Join us as we discuss these pressing issues on this podcast that will leave you feeling empowered! It’s time to take back control of our lives from those men who think they can push us around! Let them know that women run shit now! Women rule the world now! We’re taking over!!! Come join us as we talk about how much better life would be if only there were more female CEOs running things…or maybe even no male CEOs at all!!!