We are a thriving community of highly experienced sales and marketing professionals, ready to activate for you! Whether you need to start a strategy from scratch, back-fill a position, amplify your current efforts or burn it to the ground and start again, our crew can activate and elevate your business.

Founded by Marie Hale, the sales and marketing visionary behind @revenue, with the mission to fight back against the female recession, empower parents to take control of their lives as the pandemic tore families and businesses apart, and assemble the most talented minds in the industry to create lasting and impactful change.

The day that she removed her daughter from public school, she was standing in her kitchen watching the news about the impact on the fight for equality. She snapped and within 3 days she had the plan to burn it all to the ground and make it better. This is our chance – and to quote that one guy, “I am not throwing away my shot!”

no one gets things done like afed-upmother

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We started in Chicago, but our Revolutionaries are from every corner of the country. We work with Subject Matter Experts to ensure that you get the highest quality on every part of your project.

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Meet the Driving Force Behind the rEvolution.

Marie Hale is the co-founder and owner of @revenue, a sales and marketing collaborative, and professional speaker who founded @rEvolution with a true understanding of what it takes to be resilient. Between 2017 and 2018 she lost her life and business partner and her best friend. As she had to find the strength over and over again to reassemble her life, she felt deeply that what she had been through had a bigger purpose.

When the pandemic hit, and parents everywhere began to crumble under the stress of the new kind of schooling, and the female recession began pushing equality back by decades, Marie started to rage. And then she made a plan.

With her 20 years of experience running multi-national teams and heart for big vision with powerful operational structures, she and the amazing team at @revenue got to work creating a solution for what is happening to working mothers and fathers today, and a plan on how to change it for the better in the future. With flexible work schedules, educational support systems, and the community needed to grow, this is an organization like no other.

Welcome to the fwd@rEvolution.