If you’re like us, you grew up in the era of girl power, being told that you can do anything and have it all. Our grandparents laid the groundwork and broke down barriers for us. Around half of all single women were working outside of the home by 1930, and labor market participation for both single and married women increased dramatically between 1930 and 1970, bringing us to where we are today: fighting a new battle over the significant gender wage gap.

So how come it feels like ‘having it all’ isn’t so great after all? Do you ever feel like people think your job’s just a bit of fun, and that you can and should just put on your “housewife hat” when a family member needs care? We’ve certainly felt that pressure. Taking time off work eases the burden, but there’s a price to pay in salary and seniority when you decide to go back.

The Coronavirus Pandemic Puts More Pressure on Working Moms

Since the pandemic began, the pressures women are under have become even more pronounced. You wouldn’t be the first mid-career professional to take a career break and then find yourself a few notches down in the office hierarchy when you returned. 

The alternative isn’t much better, though. Trying to have it all leads to:

  • Burnout
  • Stress
  • Poor performance at work
  • Weaker relationships at home

Remote work should be a boon for men and women, but instead of creating a ‘flexible work’ utopia, it turns into a chaotic and stressful experience. There’s a reason Catherine Reitman’s Workin’ Moms was so popular. Many women can identify with her frustrations!

Countless studies have already pointed out that it’s women who face the brunt of the job losses, and who are being pushed out of the labor market as the economy continues to struggle. The National Women’s Law Center reports that four times as many women as men left the workforce in September 2020.

Take Back Control

We’re in the midst of a feminine recession, and it’s time to fight back. Instead of playing the corporate game, why not start your own business? Free yourself from the 9-5 and work on your terms, doing something you care about and being in charge.

At fwd@rEvolution, we’re here to empower women like you with sales and marketing knowledge, flexible working options and the tools and confidence they need to get back into the workforce in the position they deserve. As “The Boss.”

We’re here to support children and dads, too, with tutoring and e-learning tools that set the little ones on the path to academic success. It takes drive, spirit and passion to succeed as a working mom and juggle the needs of business and family, but fwd@rEvolution is here to give you a head start. Contact us today if you’d like to join the growing team of Revolutionaries.